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Legend of the Phelps Brothers
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Legend of the Phelps Brothers
"Sing It Pretty, Willie" - A Book
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The following poem was read at The Phelps Brothers Tribute on May 3, 2003 at the South Norfolk Moose Lodge.  This special evening included dinner, dancing and a film tribute that included footage of highlights of over 60 years of entertainment.



The Legend of the Phelps Brothers


Who are these local legends we honor here tonight,

There's a life-time full of stories, I could easily recite.


But to keep it plain and simple for all to hear,

I've got a few highlights to give you an idea!


During the winter of '36, New York was their first stop,

Fred Allen booked them on his show and they came out on top.


Next stop was the Texas Centennial and so they headed west,

They played & sang Home on the Range at FDR's request.


They became the Six Bar Cowboys during their stay in San Antone,

Then "Hit the Trail" to Hollywood, to make the town their own.


By chance, they spotted Tom Mix one day, the famous cowboy star,

He made them members of his gang at the famous "Brown Derby Bar".


They met their cowboy heroes, Tex & Roy & Gene,

Then Ray Whitley and Norman Phelps wrote Back in the Saddle

And the song became Gene's theme.


They did quite well in the movies; in the 20 films they were seen,

But making music back home with family

Became their ultimate dream.


Yes, Norma, Willie and Earl came home,

There was Fernwood, Records, Radio & TV

Now its all on display at the Library of Congress

For all the World to see.




Composed by:
Bill Phelps

Sherry Phelps Dennis

Judy Phelps Riggs

Bobbie Phelps Beard

(May 1, 2003)

"Sing It Pretty, Willie" - A Book

Phelps Brothers