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(The Decca recording session 1936)

l6 songs on CD recorded by Norman, Willie & Earl Phelps.  Earl does most of the leads, Willie joins in on some duets and adds a couple of leads and Norman adds his harmony. Songs:  Honeysuckle Rose, I Like Bananas Because they Have No Bones, My Babys Hot, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Earls Breakdown, Its Tight Like That, My Mother & Dad, Black-Eyed Susan Brown, Margie, When I Wore My Daddys Brown Derby, My Mother, Sweet Violets, & Skunk in the Collard Patch.



27 songs on CD recorded by the Phelps Bros.  The first 12 are from the 1936 Decca sessions, the remaining songs were recorded at Fernwood Farms.  Earl sings lead on most of the Decca recordings, Willie wrote and sings lead on most of the Fernwood recordings.  Songs:  Minnie the Mirmaid, Yovve Got To See Mama Every Night, Please Take Me Back to My Darling, Atlanta Blues, Nobodys Darling, Bye-Bye Blues, The Moose River Mine Song, Lulus Back in Town, Roll Along Prairie Moon, Im Gonna Sit Right Down, The Terrible Tupelo Storm, The Rose in Her Hair, The Next Time I Get Married, Someones Gonna Get Hurt, What More Can I Do? Youre Beginning to Change, Hoping, Think of Me, All too Soon They Grow up, How Much Do You Care? He Made it All Possible, Im Beginning to Forget You, A Thousand Glasses, Look What Ive Got, Hot Time in Nashville Tonight, Cant Help Loving You, & Roaring Robbie Moore.



23 songs on CD written and performed by the Phelps Brothers.  Willie and Earl take turns singing the lead vocals and also sing harmony and Norman sings harmony and has a duet with Earl.  Songs:  Ive Got a Feeling, Just Watch Your Step Little Fool, Paying With a Heartbreak, Oh My Darling, Puppy Love, The Woman I Married, Happy Bluebird Song, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, No-No-No, Tell Me Darling, Let Your Heart Decide, Why Should I Try, Im Still Hoping, Gotta go Back, Apple Pie & Ice Cream, Nothings Wrong With Me, Your Days Are Numbered, Hes Where I Want To Be, Meet Me In the Chapel, Im Not too Big to Cry Over You, I Paid No Attention, He Made It All Possible, & Down In The Dumps Over You.



15 of your favorite Phelps Brothers songs on CD written and performed by The Phelps Brothers.  Willie sings lead on these songs with Earl singing harmony.

Songs:  Im Beginning to Forget You, Living in the Past, My Hearts No Plaything, Youre Just What Ive Dreamed Of, Yes-siree, Sit Right Down and Cry Blues, I Think Youre Lying, Meet Me in the Chapel, The Moon Song, D.J. Jamboree, Keep Remembering, What More Can I Do?  Leaving My Heart Behind, Ditching the Blues, & Someone.



14 songs on CD recorded at Fernwood Farms Recording Studio during the Rock & Roll era by the Phelps brothers and Friends:  Jay Chevalier, Jimmie Hufton, Tex Montana, Alden Holloway, and Ernie Bevins.  Songs:  Dont Stop Baby, Rock & Roll Angel, Brown-Eyed Buleah, Devil or An Angel, Nursery Rhymes, Lovin is My Business, Red-Headed Ruby, Billy Cannon, Blue Baby Boogie, Shiver & Shake, Im Leavin Lulabell, Swinging the Rock, Mazie, & Blast Off.



30 Novelty songs on CD written and performed by the Phelps Bros.

Songs:  Thats The Way History Was Made, Its Fun to Dance the Polka, Lonesome Bill, Sit Right Down and Cry Blues, Killer Joe, A Man of Eighty, Tears As Big As Horseshoes, Scarcasm, Someboys Been Around Here, Heartbreak Choo-Choo, Conquer Cancer, Experience, Summers Here, Apple Pie & Ice Cream, Unknown Soldier, The Next Time I Get Married, No More Fishing, I Can Still Cut the Mustard, A Favor For A Friend, Mr. K., Alabamy, Long Tall Mama, Gumption, The Soldiers Last Farewell, The Yodel Song, It Aint Right, Im Somebody Now, Down in the Valley, Little Miss Lucy, & Puppy Love.



(Songs of Faith by The Phelps Bros. & Friends)

19 songs on CD, some original and some old favorites performed by the Phelps Brothers and their friends:  The Cavalier Qt. And Ernest Tubb.  Songs:  Family Reunion in Heaven, He Made It All Possible, My Savior Died for Me, Meet Me In The Chapel, Theres A Leak In This Old Building, He Already Knows, When the Time Comes to Answer, The King Is Coming, Peace In The Valley, Someone, Will You Be There?  Lifes Railway to Heaven, When the Savior Calls Your Name, When Jesus Calls, Im Ready, Just A Rose Will Do, I Can Hardly Wait, His Word Tells Me So, & He Hears Our Every Prayer.



17 Original Songs written and performed by Willie Phelps and the Phelps Brothers.  Songs:  How Many Heartaches, Youre Elected, I Think Your Lying, Im Moving Out, My Hearts No Plaything, Im Gonna Cry Over You, Experience, The Moon Song, Im Gonna Make You Smile, Next Sunday Night, Set Me Free, Goodbye Blues, I Dreamed That I Went To Heaven, The Next Time I Get Married, I Cant Do Right For Doing Wrong, Living In The Past, & Big Black Engine.



Available in a two CD collection or on a 90 minute cassette.  A musical history of the Phelps Brothers narrated by Willie Phelps.  Willie tells the story of the Phelps Brothers through their music.  They opened their radio shows asking Are we on the air? It starts in 1936 with their first recordings for Decca Records:  I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones & My Babys Hot.  The Hollywood  Years  follow with Ray Whitley: Come On Boys Were Riding Into Town and The Cowboy and The Lady; The Fernwood Farms years feature Radio Shows with Dick Williams singing Robber; Just Watch Your Step Little Fool, Empty Cot in The Bunkhouse, Lifes Railway to Heaven, & Ida Red; A Jimmy Rogers Tribute, Yes-siree, Meet Me In The Chapel, Youve Finally Learned, Ask Forgiveness, My Hearts No Plaything, Silver Box, & Ditching the Blues.  Patsy Cline recorded several songs at the Fernwood Studio:  A Poor Mans Roses, Crazy Arms & Have I Told You Lately with Marvin Carrol, and Lifes Railway to Heaven.  Im Beginning to Forget You was recorded by Jim Reeves and then Elvis in a hotel room where he got hungry and sent out for food before  singing.  Ernest Tubb sings When Jesus Calls, Jim Reeves sings The Merry Christmas Polka.  The Phelps Brothers sing A Thousand Glasses, Living In The Past, He Made it All Possible, & Let Your Heart Decide.  Willie finishes it up with: I Want To Die With A Guitar in My Hand



A two cd collection that captures the down-home, fun-loving appeal of the Phelps Bros. Find out why listeners could not wait to hear the Tidewater Hoedown on WTID on Saturdays or the other shows that appeared on WGH or WSAP during the week. Dedications were made to the faithful listeners and guest singers appeared regularly.

Side1:  Adobe Hacienda-Phelps Bros.,She Thinks I Still Care-B. Williams,Little Red Wagon-E.Phelps, I Cant Stop LovinYou-W.Phelps,Put Me in Your Pocket-W.Phelps,Favor for a Friend-W.Phelps,Whispering Hope-W.&E.Phelps,Will You Be There?W.& E.Phelps,I Cant Help it-W. Phelps, Back Up & Start All Over-E.Phelps, Please Dont Talk About Me-H.Barnette, Haddy-Call Boogie-S.Tiegs,I Want a Girl-Phelps Bros.,Im Going Back to Old Caroline-S.Tiegs,It is No Secret-W.& E. Phelps,I Love You A Thous.Ways-W.Phelps,All Im Guilty Of-W.Phelps, Ida Red- E.& W. & H.Barnette,Its Fun to Dance the Polka-W.Phelps,Let the Lower Lights Keep Burning- W.& E. Phelps. Side 2:  Peace in the Valley-W.& E.Phelps., Robber- D. Williams, Just Watch your Step E.Phelps, Yodeling Crazy-J.Daniels, Empty Cot-W.Phelps, Lifes Railway-W.&E.Phelps,Ita Red-E.Phelps, I Dont Want to go to Bed-W.Phelps, Take a Sun. Dinner-J.Phelps, Remember Me-The Phelps Bros, Little Brn.Jug-S.Tiegs, Old Rugged Cross-W.& E.Phelps,Poems-N.Phelps,Chew Tobacco Rag-W.Phelps, Open Up Pearl.Gates-E.Phelps,Star-span. Banner-J.Daniels, Cheaters Waltz-H.Barnette, Sweetheart I love you-S.Tiegs,When t/ Catcusin Bloom-W.Phelps,Tenn Waltz-H.Barnette & E.Phelps, Honey suckle Rose-E.Phelps



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